Lighting Design

At ALD Lighting Solutions, we believe that an atmospheric lighting scheme can completely transform absolutely any space. From the soft glow of gentle uplights to attention-grabbing spotlights, imposing chandeliers to inconspicuous recessed LEDs, a good lighting design team can help you to manage what people see, how they see it and how they feel when they step inside your space.

Efficient performance

But it’s not just about aesthetics. A creative lighting design team can help you slash your energy bills by suggesting economic, high-performance lighting options which can keep bills down without ever compromising on quality.

Bespoke lighting design

Because what works for one client doesn’t necessarily work for the next, every single project we take on is totally bespoke. We’ve worked in a huge range of environments from the challenging restrictions of London Underground stations to the airy spaces of the University of Brighton, delivering unique, thoughtful lighting schemes which celebrate buildings and structures and show them in their very best light.

And because most of the products we install are designed and manufactured within our own facility, we’re able to deliver the very best quality in every single project.

Old and new

The beauty of good lighting design is that it can transform any environment, whether modern or ancient. We’ve delivered cutting-edge lighting systems in contemporary hotels, and sympathetic, effective solutions in ancient churches. With a large client list reaching from the South East of England all the way out to the Middle East, our lighting design team is here to bring bright ideas to life - in absolutely any environment.

Your budget in mind

We know how to get the best out of your budget. We’re aware of the areas in which we can help you to pull back the expenditure, but we’re also respectful of the areas in which you can’t afford to scrimp. From the beginning of your project to the very end, we’ll keep your budget firmly in mind and make sure we deliver the very best all the way through.

The whole package

When you work with ALD Lighting Solutions, we’ll be with you from those initial concepts, through manufacture, assembly and delivery to testing and installation. We work with advanced computer-aided design systems to create functional, beautiful lighting design systems with superb efficiency. So get in touch today to see how we can help your ideas come to life.

Our Latest Project - Yehudi Menuhin School - Surrey

ALD Lighting Solutions was asked by a local M&E consultant to develop a continuous LED trough system that would be surface or pendant mounted to ensure each room of varing ceiling heights would look identical. We used a mixture of 4ft and 5ft bodies, the surface mounted version gave a totally direct light while the pendant version was direct/indirect. The Indirect portion allowed a wide angle lens to wash as much light uniformly onto the ceiling. We also incorporated all the emergency standalone LED's within the dummy sections along with the DALI programmable sensors.... Continue Reading >

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