Bespoke Product Design

In House Design

Our in-house design team can offer full bespoke tailor-made solutions, from designing a one-off fitting, retro-fit LED gear trays or modifying fittings from our standard range, weather it’s a change of colour, adding connectors, adding sensors this can all be done in our factory.

We can supply 3D renderings for bespoke luminaires that have been produced in solid works to give our clients the full feel for exactly what can be achieved, by doing this process we can see if any modification are required and that it is a fully workable solution.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

Lighting Scheme Design

Lighting scheme design is a critical part of the commerical design process to making a building look and feel right. Considerate care needs to be taken from planning right through to delivering the finished project.

Lighting Controls

Lights left on within in an empty building is seen to be a waste of energy and unnecessary carbon emmissions, by controlling your lighting environment you ensure maximium energy efficiency as possible.

Bespoke Product Design

Luminaires designed uniquely for you, tailor to your space, meeting your full design requirements delivered on time and within budget "Bespoke does not mean expensive"