LED Lighting Solutions

Everyone knows by now that LED lighting is the way forwards for modern lighting design. But what they’re not so aware of is just how much choice there is available on the modern market. The technology behind LED lighting continues to progress, and now pretty much anything is possible.

Your lighting team

Having ALD Lighting Solutions on your side means you have direct access to the very best options and modern design innovations for your project. Throughout any project, our key aims are efficiency and performance, so that each and every lighting project ends up looking beautiful without costing the Earth.

From the initial ideas and sketches right through to installation and testing, our lighting design team guarantees impressive results with consistent, efficient uniformity.

Beautiful installations, premium products

With hundreds of satisfied customers from the South East to the Middle East, ALD’s lighting solutions have been transforming spaces for almost 30 years. Our team is all about standards, following best practice and quality standards consistently to make sure each and every customer is totally satisfied with their LED lighting solutions.

Most of the products involved in our LED lighting installations are designed and assembled within our own manufacturing facility, meaning we can keep a constant close eye on product quality and industry standards.

Bespoke designs

Although we have tried-and-tested methods on which we rely time and time again, each project we work on is a complete one-off. From churches to sports halls and hotels to train stations, we know how to deliver designs and installations that tick every box and are always tailored closely to your requirements.

Environmental responsibility

As well as advocating the use of energy-efficient LED lighting wherever it’s appropriate, ALD Lighting Solutions is committed to managing the impact our business has on the environment. We’re active advocates and supporters of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation, which promotes reusing, recycling and recovering wherever possible.

All projects great and small

Working across the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East, our lighting design team has worked for companies and organisations of all sizes. So if you have an LED lighting solutions project in mind, get in touch today to talk about your options.

Our Latest Project - Yehudi Menuhin School - Surrey

ALD Lighting Solutions was asked by a local M&E consultant to develop a continuous LED trough system that would be surface or pendant mounted to ensure each room of varing ceiling heights would look identical. We used a mixture of 4ft and 5ft bodies, the surface mounted version gave a totally direct light while the pendant version was direct/indirect. The Indirect portion allowed a wide angle lens to wash as much light uniformly onto the ceiling. We also incorporated all the emergency standalone LED's within the dummy sections along with the DALI programmable sensors.... Continue Reading >

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